About Us

Hi, I’m Andy and I love camping and everything to do with the outdoors!

From a young boy, I have loved camping, it was my parent’s holiday of choice and I loved every one of them. Now I’m all grown up, It’s now my turn to take the family camping, but unfortunately, my parents have passed away so it’s just my wife, two children, and I that go.

I learned so much from my camping experiences as a boy that I now want to pass on to my children and also you guys.

My parents weren’t the richest of people, but for what they didn’t have with money they definitely made up for it with love.

I’ve carried on the family tradition, and now every year my wife and our children. Do the exact same thing I used to as a boy, we go away camping!

I know there are a lot of other people out there that don’t have as much money as they would like. So going away on holiday every year is expensive. But if you go camping, you can get all the find and adventure you need for a lot less money.

The fun of camping is that you can go almost anywhere you want, when you want, on a budget, I think that’s why my parents enjoyed it so much.

So I’ve created this website for people like this, looking for help with their first camping experience and more..


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