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Best Camping Chairs for Bad Backs for 2022

Are you looking to buy the best camping chairs for bad backs? We have created this guide for you to help you decide which camping chair you should buy! One of the most common injuries across the world, is back pain Almost every day people call their employer, complaining they have back pain, from an employers perspective there is not much they can do.

If you suffer from back pain there are few little things you can do to prevent you from getting back pain or if you do already suffer from back pain ease the pain.

If you suffer from back pain, you will know that it can be a very painful problem to go through, especially if you enjoy camping. When you camp you your body is likely to go through a lot more twisting and turning, compared to lets say staying in a hotel room for example.

Depending on the size of your tent, you may have to slouch to get into your tent doors. Your air mattress may not be as high as your bed at home, meaning you have to stand up from a lower position. These are all things that can aggravate your back.

So if you do suffer from back pain, it’s important to buy the right equipment for your camping trip. Buying the right equipment whilst camping, will help support your back from any further pain.

What to look for when buying a camping chair with a bad pain?  

Lumbar Supported Chair

Whilst sitting in chairs people have a tendency of sitting in a slouched back or leaned forward position. Sitting in either of these positions for too long, can cause tension on your lower back or on the Lumbar area of your lower back.

It is very important whilst sitting down in a chair to sit in the correct sitting position. When you sit in a chair with decent lumbar support, the lumbar support of the chair guides you to sit in the correct sitting position.


Along with lumbar support you will want a chair with added padding. It may all be great that your chair positions  your back to the correct posture, but if your not sitting on comfortable padding. That chair might be worth a miss and move on to your next.  So yes you want your chair to support your back but extra comfort will help too.

Neck support

It is highly recommended to look for chairs with higher support than normal camping chairs. You may have found a chair that supports your lower back, don’t forget to support your upper back and neck.


When you suffer with back pain the last thing you want is to have to carry around a heavy chair. Lifting heavy objects will aggravate your back, and may have been the original cause to your back pain. So making sure to pick out a camping chair that is easy to carry and lightweight is a must.

Support Weight

Just like any chair you will want one that is sturdy and can support a lot of weight. The last thing you will want is it to collapse, we have made sure to add the support weight of each chair in the reviews for your ease.

Best Camping Chairs for Bad Backs

Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chair with Back Support

folding chairs with back supportOur Review – Excellent camping chair that can hold up to 400 pounds. Its very easy to setup, its easy to fold back down, which makes it easy to store.

Its very lightweight, which is ideal for people with a bad back, as there is no added pressure on your back while carrying or lifting the chair.

The chair comes with a sleeved bag and handle so its very easy to transport. Buy now price $64.99


STRONGBACK Elite Guru Heavy Duty Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

back support for folding chair

Our Review – This is a great chair for people with bad backs, it has great support for your lower back. The only downside to this chair is that its slightly heavier than most camping chairs. So its something you may want to consider depending on how bad your back pain is.

Its very easy to fold up and very easy to pack away. But overall its a very sturdy chair and its very comfortable.  Buy now price $64.99

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Folding Chair for Lower Back Pain

lawn chairs for bad backs

Our Review – Once you have managed to assemble it is quite easy to setup. The instruction manual isn’t the clearest and it took me just over 5 minutes to assemble.

Once assembled the chair is very comfortable and sturdy.  the chair comes with an adjustable back, so its great at finding that comfortable position for everyone. Buy now price $79.99



ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Our Review – The ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair is has lots of features a camping chair should have, but this chair had great lumbar support.

It is great for heavier people as it can withstand a weight of up to 205kg, it is a very sturdy chair and has some great comfortably padded armrests.

In fact the whole chair is padded, which makes it a very comfortable chair to sit on. This chair is probably one of the easiest chairs out of the list to assemble, and is very easy to open up once assembled.


KingCamp Folding Quad Chair With Lumbar Support and Armrests

KingCamp Folding Quad Chair With Lumbar Support and Armrests

Our Review – This camping chair has a strap behind your back, so you can manage the lumbar control. Its a slightly heavier chair than most here on this list weighing  at just over 5kg. But on the plus side it can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg, so great for the heavier people.

This chair has a great shape to it and unless you are considerably tall, this chair will support your head.

There is a cup holder on the armrest which is expected really from a camping chair, but on the other side you have an insulated cooler, which is great for your cooler drinks.


Ostrich Deluxe Chair

Our Review – This is a great chair for your back pain, it comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow. The pillow is easy to adjust and the strap on the back will keep the pillow in place.

To be fair even if you didn’t have back pain this is a great camping chair as it has lots of cool features. It comes with a really awesome headrest, so this is great for your neck!

The chair is foldable and easy to put together and setup. It has an adjustable footrest, and is a reclining chair, with multiple positions.  The armrest are made out of wood, so is quite solid and great for writing on if needed.


OzTent Goanna Camping Outdoor Chair with Lumbar Support

Our Review – Another decent chair that has an adjustable lumbar support. This camping chair is a foldable and collapsible style camping chair.

It comes with a solid arm rest and comes with a headrest if your not the tallest of people. The headrest comes with a nice storage pocket that can be zipped up, so it makes it great to store the carrying bag that comes with it. This is actually great because once your store the carrier bag in the storage compartment, it actually works as a pillow for your head.

on both sides of the chair are storage compartments, with multiple pockets and cup holders. Its weighs 6.6kg so its a medium weight camping chair, not the lightest, but still not the heaviest. The maximum weight this chair can withstand is 145kg, all in all a decent chair.


PORTAL Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Our Review – Unlike most of the camping chairs on this page, this particular chair has lumbar support but its not adjustable. So really all though this chair is great for me, it might not be for you, its one of those chairs you really need to sit in and try before your buy.

The armrest are adjustable and has its own integrated cupholder, and the chair comes with its own carrier case for easy transportation.

This chair is a foldable and collapsible type of camping chair, the frame is made from a solid steel, and the chair can hold a maximum weight of 160kg. One thing to note with this chair is its a great chair if your on a budget and you suffer from back pain.


STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camp Chair with Lumbar Support

STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camp Chair with Lumbar Support

Our Review – Another Guru chair that has all the great features that most Elite Guru chairs have. But the difference with this chair is its slightly smaller in size, which makes this great for smaller people or women.

Its fairly light weighing only 4.8kg, it also comes with its own carrier case, so it makes it quite easy to carry around when needed.

The lumbar support on this chair is great, but is frame integrated, but when i tested this chair, it feels amazing and kept my back in the best position for comfort.


Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner

Our Review – I absolutely love this chair, for a camping chair it has a great design and is so comfortable. The headrest pillow is adjustable and can slide down the chair to create great lumbar support for your camping chair.

The chair comes with many great features including an impressive 273kg maximum weight capacity. Its a padded chair and comes with an adjustable footrest and is also a reclining camping chair.

Although its a great comfortable chair, please note that its quite a heavy chair so isn’t that easy to carry for long distances, the chair weighs 11.3 kg


STRONGBACK Prodigy Kids Folding Heavy Duty Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

STRONGBACK Prodigy Kids Folding Heavy Duty Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

Our Review – Although this is a great chair for people that suffer with back pain, it is designed for children so its quite smaller than the rest of the chairs on this page. That being said if you are small person or a petit women this might be the ideal chair for you.

Its very easy to setup with its foldable design and comes with its own carrier case.

Its comes with a bottle holder for your drinks, a meshed pocket on the back of the chair for your storage needs and a padded armrest. Its a very lightweight chair weighing at just 2kg, but can only withstand a weight of 91kg. All in all its a great chair for small people and people that are on a budget.


STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair with Lumbar Support

Our review – This particular chair uses the term low-gravity, which means the chair is lower to the ground than most camping chairs you can buy on the market. Its great for smaller people or people that like to have their legs stretched out rather than folding to the floor.

It comes with a frame integrated lumbar support, which means its not adjustable but it does support your lower back well.

The chair only weighs 3.68kg so its quite a light camping chair, and can with stand a maximum weight capacity of 136kg, so for such a light weight chair this is quite decent. The feet of this chair has some large caps on the end of the feet, which makes this chair also great for taking to the beach.

The armrest are solid but also padded, which makes them very comfortable to rest your arms on, but unfortunately no drinks pocket in the armrests.

Hopefully after reading this guide, you now know which chairs are the best camping chairs for bad backs! You can now purchase your next camping chair, knowing your back pain will be at ease.

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