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Best Camping Inflatable Couch for 2022

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Tents now can come in almost any size, catering for just one person up to massive families. Some just have space to sleep, but often many now have space for storage and even a living room couch. Obviously, I’m not talking about the couch you would put in your living room but it could definitely fit in some tents.

But you can buy inflatable couches for your tent, to bring that added little bit of comfort to your camping. We have picked out our favourite camping inflatable coach to buy

Best Camping Inflatable Couch

What to look for when buying an inflatable couch?

Well first of all you will want the price to be low, but just because its low doesn’t mean its great quality. So we are looking at comfort, size, how easy it is to inflate and how easy it is to deflate, how easy it is to transport does it come with a bag etc. Need help figuring out what to take camping check here

Best Camping Inflatable Couch | Our Favourites!

iDOO Inflatable Couch

Our Review – Great little couch, says its a couch for three but realistically it sits two people comfortably, but its still a great couch.

The couch comes with its own electric pump, which pumps the couch up and also deflates the couch in a matter of minutes.

It comes with its own storage bag, so its very easy to travel with. We tested this camping, inflated the couch and it was fully inflated after a day or so it did deflate a little. Just press the inflate button again, and it was all good.

 Buy Now — Price $90 



Our Review – Inflation is straight forward but you will need to buy a pump for this. With our electric car pump the sofa was fully erect in about 60 seconds, which is quite decent.

Comfortable sofa for two small adults, perfect for one person who enjoys a bigger chair for comfort.

Buy Now — Price $69

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