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Best Family Tents | What to look for?

Picking the right tent for your family can be a tough decision with so many tents out there to buy. You may think just to go out and buy the cheapest one on the market. Buying the cheapest is not always the best choice. Make sure you do a bit of research from reviewers like me before you buy. If your buying from Amazon check the reviews of previous buyers too. Its a good idea to go with one with at least 100 reviews. Making sure there are some properly written reviews and not bought reviews.

Best family tent

What to look for?

Size :  Most importantly when choosing to buy the right family tent is the size of the tent. Work out how many people you are going to have sleeping in the tent. Once you have the amount you then need to look at how many man, the tent holds. If you are looking to buy a family tent i would go for recommend you slight ly go over the amount of man the tent holds. For example if you have 4 people needing to sleep in the tent i would recommend buying a 6 man ten for extra comfort.

Assembly : You will need to check on how easy the tent is to assemble. As a family the last thing you want when you arrive at a campsite is for the tent assembly to take up to much time. A lot of tents now a days are very quick to assemble, make sure you check out our reviews to find out how easy it is to assemble.

Accessibility : Have a look at how many doors your tent will have, how big the doors are and how they are held open. Children are very active and tend to run around a lot while playing, make sure the access doors to the tent have nothing for them to trip on.

Storage facilities : Rather than storing everything you need while camping, scattered around your tent or in your car. Make sure your tent you are going to buy has storage pockets, most family tents do but check to make sure.

Durable Flooring : When camping with families its a good idea to have a look at the material used for the flooring. You want something hard wearing, so make sure the tent you are buying has a hard wearing base. If you are looking for ideas on what to use as your tents footprint check this guide here. Tent footprint vs tarp

Also have a look at this guide if your looking for a cheap, but great way to add carpet to your tent. Using moving blankets for your tent floor

UNP 10 Person Family Camping Tent

This ten is very easy to setup, it only took us about ten minutes to pitch up, so is perfect for beginner campers.

Ease of Pitching – This tent is super easy to put up, its ideal for beginner family campers.

Each side of the tent has a window, which is great for letting in as much light as possible.

Space –  Lots of space, we managed to get a queen-size inflatable mattress and still had space for another two

Storage – There a lots of netted pockets to put your storage and some extra storage in the middle of the tent. The tent also comes with 2 doors for easy accessibility for your family.

Colemon 6 Person Octogon family Tent

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