Friday, December 2

Best Folding Camping Chairs with Side Table for 2022

Camping chairs are a very useful part of equipment whilst camping. Its important to feel comfortable whilst outside camping, we are looking at camping chairs with side tables. Although most camping chairs come with little pockets to place your drink in. These particular chairs have side tables so that your food or drink is on a stable surface. Pockets are ok, but if you have slimmer shaped glasses, your drink can spill very easily.


What to look for?

Side table size : Have a look at the size of the side table, depending on what you need it for size matters. Are you just wanting the side table for drinks or would you like it to place your plate of food too.

Side table support weight : Have a look at the support weight, some items you may place on the side table may have considerable weight. For example a full 2 litre bottle of drink is quite heavy, if you placed that on the side table. Will it hold it or will the side table just snap off!

Assembly : How easy the camping chair is to assemble and how easy it is to put up or pack away. We all want to get out of our car after arriving at the campsite and relax as soon as possible. A quick assembly is a must, so we can relax as soon as possible.

Best Folding Camping Chairs with Side Table

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