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Best Inflatable Camping Mats for 2022

Apart from your tent, something to sleep on is another very important bit of equipment needed to camp. You can either sleep on an inflatable mattress or get your self a sleeping mat.  But its definitely a good idea to sleep on something more comfortable than the floor. Below we have created our list of the best inflatable camping mats for 2022.

You can but either normal sleeping mats, or you can buy inflatable ones, for me i slightly prefer the inflatable ones as they are more comfier. Not ready for a sleeping mat, have a look at our best self inflatable air mattress for camping here.

Best Inflatable Camping Mats

What to look for?

When buying a sleeping mat you want to look for how insulated your mat is. The last thing you want is for the cold floor from below to seep through on to your body.

Overtime camping mats have become lighter and lighter, obviously to make them easy to carry for backpackers. But the problem with this is that the materials used to build the mats are weaker than they used to be. So you need to make sure that the mat you are buying is long lasting and durable.

Is the mat easy to blow up and does the air the air leak overtime? We have found a mat that is very insulated and durable. But does it stay inflated after sleeping on it? We don’t want to wake up basically sleeping on the floor because the mat has deflated.

Best Inflatable Camping Mats


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