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Best Self inflating Air Mattress for Camping for 2022

Want to buy the best self inflating air mattress for camping? I will help you decide which is the best to buy in a minute.

Getting a goodnight sleep is an important part of life, your body needs your beauty sleep! (Even when camping this is achievable!)

Sleeping, helps your body and mind recharge, helping you feel fresh and ready for the next day. If your not getting enough sleep, the opposite happens, you will feel drained and grouchy. So even if your going camping, we still need to have a goodnight sleep.

Although while camping you don’t generally have the luxury of your sleeping in your soft and cosy bed. (That you would normally sleep in at home). You can still make your camping experience a comfortable one if you buy the right equipment.

For me using sleeping on an airbed is a must for camping! To sleep on the floor of the tent, or on a camping pad, just isn’t great for my back.

There are some very good air beds out there, buy the right one and they can also be ideal foe your spare room at home.

You can of course, go out and buy a normal air mattress. But the benefit of buying a self inflated one, just makes it easier to setup and means you can crack on with other things while its pumping up. So I have created this page to help you and others buy the right one for camping.

What to look for?

Its important to find the one that suits what you need most.

For example, do you need one for just yourself, or for multiple people? How long it takes to pump up, and how long it takes to deflate.

How easy it is to store and how small it is when deflated. A lot of airbeds come with their own bags that they can be stored in. These are great for keeping your airbed in good condition and also makes it easier to store.

Most importantly you need one that’s comfortable! Obviously, when buying online, it’s difficult to tell how comfortable it will be. So we have made sure in our reviews, that the comfort level is included.

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Best Self inflating Air Mattress for Camping

Best Self inflating Air Mattress for Camping

EnerPlex Double Self Inflating AirBed

Best Self inflating Air Mattress for CampingThis excellent air bed comes with a built in air pump, with the spin of a knob it will be inflated in minutes. You may have to release a little bit of air depending how firm you like your bed, but its very easy to do.  Deflating is just as easy as inflating, just spin the knob and your done.

I’ve read a couple of other reviews saying that the mattress doesn’t hold air as good as others. But the one i bought definitely did, and stayed fully pumped up for months. So i can only imagine that the ones they bought where defective.

The bed comes in its own bag for easy storage, the bag has its own handles, which also makes it very easy to transport. The mattress is very comfortable, and it also comes with a two year guarantee. Buy Now Price — $119


EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Self Inflating Camping Bed

The EZ inflate mattress is super easy to inflate, we tested the inflation it was fully pumped in under 2 minutes. Like inflating the mattress is just as easy to deflate.

A very comfortable airbed, that also comes with its own bag for storage

Although this airbed was comfortable, after day three of our test we did have to put some extra air into the mattress. We are unsure if this is because its faulty, unfortunately we don’t have another to test again. That being said it only took 20 seconds for it to be full again.

Buy Now Price — $109


iDOO Queen Air Mattress, with Built-in Pump

This particular air bed is very sturdy! We accidently left this mattress out in the sun while inflated. The mattress actually stretched because of this. We deflated the airbed, let it cool and was highly expecting it to be misshapen. We inflated the mattress with air again, and it was absolutely fine.

It was very comfortable to sleep on and like i said very sturdy. Only downside to this bed is that it does take slightly longer than other mattresses to inflate. But inflation only takes 5 minutes, so its not too bad. Buy Now Price — $94

Best Self inflating Air Mattress

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