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Camping Essentials | What to take camping?

When camping it is very important your pack the camping essentials. So we have created this guide so you don’t forget anything important you may need.

Camping Essentials | What to take camping?

camping essentials what to take camping


Definitely, the most important thing to remember while camping is a tent. Without a tent, you are cowboy camping. Although some may prefer this way, the majority of campers prefer to sleep in a tent.

Sleeping bags

You will need something to sleep in, to keep you warm at night. Most campers prefer sleeping bags, they are easier to store and easy to set up. I personally prefer my home duvet set, I’m a bit claustrophobic like that I find a normal duvet or blanket a lot comfier.

Inflatable mattress

This is not a necessity, but makes camping far more comfier than Sleeping on the floor or mats. Bare in mind if you do choose to have an inflatable mattress you will need storage space in your car or trailer. They generally dont take up to much space but its something just to bare in mind.

Camping air mattress

Air pump

You will need something to pump up the air mattress, so either a manual foot pump or an electric pump that connects to your cigarette lighter port

Sleeping mats

If you don’t have space for an inflatable mattress or nothing to pump it up. Or plain and simple you just don’t want one. You will need a Sleeping mat, it just makes the floor more comfy. Check out our guide to choosing the right best air mattress for camping

Form of power

Some campers prefer not to have power source at all, it’s up to you. But if you want to charge your cell phone, or power your electric kettle you may decide otherwise. If you do need power, you will now need to decide what you need the power for. If its just your phone you may be able to get through a few days with a charging bank.

Cell Phone

All though yes you can use your phone to take some excellent photos of the wilderness post this on social media. But more importantly your phone can be used in case of an emergency. You may decide to go for a walk/hike and get lost or worse hurt camping.

cell phone camping essentials


Its important to pack food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buying food on site might not be possible, and it if it is may be overpriced.


Make sure to pack lots of water, although a lot of campsites provide taps, they are not always ideal for drinking.


Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner you will need something to cook your food on. If the water on site isn’t as great as you thought you could use your stove to boil the water. Its also great for making your morning coffee.


Whether its a throw away BBQ or a decent BBQ its great to cook your food on

Frying Pan

If you have chosen to use a stove then a frying pan is a must to cook your fry up on.


You can choose to buy paper plates, but remember to put your rubbish in the bin. Or you can buy plastic camping plates. Depending on what your cooking you may want some form of cutlery to eat with.


Kettle of some sort whether its a saucepan or a kettle to put on top of your stove. If you love your tea or coffee then this is a must.

Cool box and ice blocks

This is a handy tool for camping, keeping all you food items that need to be chilled cool. You can also put your drinks inside to keep them cool. All you have to do is pre freeze the ice blocks and place them inside your cool bag. The cool bag keeps the temperature of the bag cool by not letting any of the coolness escape.

Torch or lantern

Camping in the wilderness or campsite can become very dark as soon as the sunsets. I would definitely advise some form of lighting. A torch will help when you exit the tent and look for somewhere to go to the toilet in the dark. A lantern will help you see whilst inside your tent.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my list of Camping Essentials and can now enjoy the wilderness stress free. Knowing that you have packed everything you need!



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