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Camping in 40 Degree Weather, Is it Too Cold for Camping?

Camping in 40 Degree Weather

In all honesty, it totally depends on the person that’s camping. Cold weather tent camping, can be just as enjoyable, as long as you keep yourself warm. If it was me, as long as its not raining everyday, I don’t actually mind the cold. I find it so much easier to heat myself up, than to cool myself down, when the weather is too hot.

How to keep warm in a tent

Clothing – Pack lots of warm clothing, thermal clothing is the best for keeping warm when its cold. Thermal clothing just like a thermal flask that keeps your coffee hot, works in the same way. It keeps your body heat in-between your thermals and your body and stops the cold air getting through.

What kind of clothing should I take, when camping in cold weather?

Winter Jacket – More likely than not, if you are camping in 40 degree weather, its probably closer to winter than it is summer. Make sure to bring a winter jacket, this will keep you warm in the cold weather and dry in the wet weather.

Thermals – So like I said before take some thermals, thermals come in all different varieties. From thermal pants to thermal t-shirts, thermal jumpers. They are generally quite comfortable to wear which is important, no one likes to be uncomfortable wearing clothing.

Thick trousers – I like to wear jeans, i feel that jeans do a better job of keeping the cold out than many other forms of trousers. Of course i have my thermal bottoms on too, for that added bit of warmth.

Thick Jumper or Hoody- Make sure to take some jumpers or hoodies which ever you prefer. You will want to choose thicker jumpers, maybe made from wool, as these will keep you warmer than thinner ones.

Thicker socks- Throughout the year i generally wear thinner stretch socks. My favourite socks are the novelty types of socks. But when its cold maybe have a look at getting some toasties, these particular types of socks do a great job at keeping your feet warm.

Gloves – Hopefully your tent will be insulated and you wont need some gloves for inside your tent. But definitely if you go for a walk or whatever you want to do, make sure to put on some gloves. (The thicker the better!)

How to stay warm camping in a tent in the winter?

Sleeping Bag – Depending on your preference between sleeping bags and taking duvets camping, take an extra duvet or sleeping bag to keep your warm at night. Of course you could sleep with your clothes on, but personally I find it uncomfortable. Just like I find sleeping bags, for me i take my duvet camping. I hate that Closter phobic feeling you get sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Tent Footprint – Make sure to put a tent footprint underneath your tent, as well as protecting your tent base from the elements. It helps add an extra layer of insulation to your tent. Check out our guide tent footprint vs tarp? to find out which you should use.

Tent Floor Padding РAgain another way to insulate your tent is to add some sort of padding to the floor of your tent. You can buy  specifically made tent flooring for your tent which is great at insulating your tent. Not just that it adds a softer feeling on your feet whilst your walk through your tent (Just like walking on carpet at home, well hopefully anyways!). One top tip is to use moving blankets for your tent floor, check out our guide here to find out why!

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