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Can You Leave Your Tent Unattended?

Can You Leave Your Tent Unattended

Can You Leave Your Tent Unattended?

Well, its totally up to leaving your tent unattended you are doing so by your own risk. But in reality who goes camping and doesn’t leave their tent unattended? All though camping is a fun experience, you still will want to enjoy the surrounding attractions, scenic views and the wildlife.

Depending on where you are camping will depend on how safe you feel leaving your tent unattended is going to be. For example if you are at your favourite campsite, you are more likely to leave it, than you are if you are camping alone in the wilderness. But i would advise you follow some forms of common sense if you do leave your tent unattended.

Some tips if leaving your tent unattended

Firstly, if you do feel like leaving your tent unattended. Make sure to pack up any valuable items, either take them with you or store them in your car. Anything like cell phones, tablets, jewellery etc make sure you take it with you. If you don’t want to take it with you lock it in your car or whatever vehicle you drove in.

If you don’t have your car or vehicle with you for whatever reason, you can of course store your valuables deeper into your tent. (Making sure not to leave anything them in eyes view. If its a tablet maybe hide it under your pillow for example, please remember to take it from your pillow before you go to sleep. (Otherwise you are going to have a broken tablet). I would advise as well as zipping up the main doors, to also zip up all interior doors too.

It might be a good idea to camp close to other campers, make some friends on the campsite. Obviously you cannot trust everybody, but If you get to know other friendly campers, they are more likely to notice if someone tries to enters your tent.

I would advise you to pack up everything that you normally use outside your tent and store that in your tent too. Anything like camping chairs, tables or balls etc, although you may not think these are expensive to replace. Its still an unnecessary pain, if they do need replacing because of thieves.

Finally, Like i said before make sure you zip your tent up, all the doors in the tent zip them up too. Most thieves are opportunists, if they see something valuable that is visible and easy to steal, they will probably do so. By packing all your equipment up, storing it away, zipping everything up. You are less likely to have anything go missing!

The chances of someone entering your tent, purely in the hope of finding something valuable is less likely, although still possible in this day and age. For this reason this is why i advise you don’t be na├»ve and store all your valuables on your or in your car or vehicle.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my can you leave your tent unattended post, and now you will feel safer in the knowledge I have written.

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