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Can you wash a tent in the washing machine?

Can you wash a tent in the washing machine

Can you wash a tent in the washing machine?

Is you are aware I love to go camping, its a great way to relax and enjoy the great world and wildlife we live in. But once your camping trip has finished, it will be time to pack up and pack the tent up. Once you get back home its a good idea, to open the tent back up and let it dry out. You may also decide that the tent needs a clean, camping on top of mud and grass can make the tent get very dirty.

Its very important to look after your tent, this includes cleaning and hoovering out any debris. The better t you look after your tent, the longer your tent will last, hopefully keeping your tent for decades not weeks.

Obviously the last thing you will want to do after coming home from your perfect camping trip, is to have to clean your tent. It can be hard enough just packing it up, fitting it in your car and driving home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just throw it in the washing machine and then maybe the tumble dryer?

So can you wash your tent in a washing machine?

Well the short answer is no, unfortunately! In most homes nowadays we have front loading washing machines, while its actually safer to wash it in one of these its still not advised. Even if you managed to fit your tent in to your washing machine you are running the risk of damaging your tent. there is a strong possibility that the washing machine couldĀ  remove the water proofing lamination, tear the material of the tent, or of course it could just melt under the heat.

Ok so now you know that using your washing machine is not the right way to clean your tent, lets find out how you can clean it.

How to clean your tent the right way?

There are so many different products to use to clean your tent, so many different guides to look at on the internet. But ultimately its important to use and buy the right product, i recommend a product called Nikwax. Ultimately you don’t have to use it, you can go out buy something else and this may achieve the same goal. I’ve used a few other brands and they didn’t clean the tent to how I wanted it, Nikwax did a good job so I stuck with them!

If you decide to clean your tent with homemade solutions then i have created a guide below for that too.

Homemade Tent Cleaning Solution

So if you decide against using manufactured cleaning products, for whatever reason, may be your on a tight budget or whatever. I’ve created these instructions to create your own cleaning solution.

Items you will need:

  • Washing up liquid, I would recommend getting one that is fragrance free
  • You will need a large container or something big enough to hand wash your tent in, you can use your bath tub
  • White vinegar (Distilled)
  • Lemon juice, the same as you put on your pancakes is absolutely fine
  • Soft sponge or hand towel
  • Empty spray bottle, this is great for doing specific spot cleaning

How to hand clean your tent?

Fill your container or bath tub with luke warm water, and add a decent amount of the vinegar and lemon juice.

Any areas that need spot cleaning, use your spray bottle with the washing up liquid and gently scrub with your sponge or hand towel.

If any of your tent has a mildew build up pour some of the vinegar on the area and let it soak for an hour or so, then gently scrub the area. Once you have cleaned the outside of your tent.

Now place your tent in the container or bath and let it soak for another hour. After an hour as passed rinse of your tent with clean water.

Lay a tent footprint in your garden and pitch up your tent on top. Not sure what a tent footprint is, check out our using tarp as a tent footprint guide here.

When the tent is erect, use a bath towel or another dry hand towel to dry out any puddles of water that may be inside the tent. Let your tent dry naturally outside, once it has fully dried, pack it back up and you now have a clean tent.

So to answer the question can you wash a tent in a washing machine the answer is No….

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