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Easy Desserts for Camping | Easy to Make Desserts for Families

When camping out you want your meals to be as quick and easy to make as possible.  We have created a list of desserts for Camping recipes for you to make, they are all easy to make, but yet all delicious.

Scouting Doughnuts

Easy Desserts for Camping

Heat up a pan of oil you can use a frying pan or dutch grill. You will need some doughnut batter for this recipe, either pre-make the batter and store it chilled in your cool, make it now or go to the shop and buy it.

Make up some strawberry Jam sandwiches, cut off the crust, and then cut the sandwiches up into 4 square quarters.

Dip the quartered sandwiches in the doughnut butter and place into the pan of oil, beware of the oil spitting.  Fry the battered sandwiches until they are golden brown. Using tongs, pick the doughnuts up out of the oil and drain then place them onto a plate, sprinkle some sugar on top and serve.

Campfire Cones

wafer cones

Fill some Ice cream wafer cones with marshmallows and your favourite sweets. You will need marshmallows for this recipe as the marshmallows melt and stick all your sweets together, i would also recommend you put little chocolate chunks inside too. Heat the cones up over your campfire for a few minutes and serve.

Fruit Salad with Custard

fruit salad and custard

A very easy recipe to make in 5 minutes, start by cutting up your favourite fruits and placing into a big bowl. Warm up some tinned custard using your stove, once hoy pour into the fruit salad and serve.

Want some easy to cook recipes for camping that you don’t have to cook? Have a look at our Camping food ideas no cooking page.

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