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Best Dog & Cat Proof Air Mattress – Do they Exist?

Cat Proof Air Mattress

Have you ever wondered, if there is such a thing as a “dog proof air mattress?” If your a dog lover and love camping, the chances are you may have asked someone this question before! Its only fair if your going camping or any holiday for that matter to take your dog camping along too, it just makes sense!

The alternative, is to get a dog sitter and pay an unnecessary fee for him or her to look after your dog while you are away. So its probably better for you and your dog, if you have a look for campsites that allow you to bring pets.

Just like you, animals enjoy getting out and about, exploring and seeing new places, new smells (Maybe not like you the last bit, haha!). So why not take your pet, so he or she can enjoy the freedom you enjoy of that camping experience too.

Nowadays there are a lot of campsites that allow dogs, so finding your perfect campsite, that allows dogs shouldn’t be to much of a problem. But even when you do find one, make sure you have a read of the campsite rules.

Dog proof Air Mattress, Do they Exist?

Air mattress are generally designed with a light, thin material. So that when it comes to storing the air mattress, it doesn’t take up so much space, in your car, or attic or whatever. Because they are made with thinner materials, it means they are more likely to puncture, if your dogs claws rests on it. So the key here is to look for mattress’s with thicker materials or heavy duty materials that wont split so easily.

Unfortunately even the most well trained dog, may unintentionally deflate your mattress with their claws, and hopefully not their teeth. If your dog bites your mattress, even if you do manage to find a heavy duty mattress, nothing is stopping your mattress from deflating. So for this reason, it is important to look at what you can do to prevent such things happening.

So to answer your question of is there such a thing as a dog proof air mattress, the answer is unfortunately no! But there are a few things we can do to protect your air mattress from your pets.

How can you prevent your dog from deflating your mattress?

Trim dog claws

Claw trimming

The main problem with camping and taking pets (whether that’s cats or dogs) is your pets claws. Dogs claws can be very sharp, and your bed could unintentionally be punctured when your dog climbs on top of the mattress. Invest in a good set of claw trimmers and make sure your dogs claws are trimmed as much as possible. If you not quite feeling up to trimming your dogs claws by yourself, then visit your vets before going camping to have a professional do it for you.

dog shoes

Dog Shoes

If after trimming your dogs claws your still worried about your dog puncturing your air bed. You can of course buy some dog shoes, purely for your dog to use whilst inside your tent. The extra layer of protection on your dogs feet, will add an extra layer of protection for your air bed.

heavy duty air mattress

Buy a heavy Duty Air bed

Make sure to buy an air bed that has some decent reviews from other dog owners. Most shopping sites like Amazon come with a review system, make sure to check them. Ideally your looking for a well made, puncture resistant mattress, that is made with thicker materials. Of course this means that once deflated its going to take up more space in your car.

But to help prevent your dog from puncturing it this will help, and hopefully the one you choose to buy will last years not days! This is vitally important if your looking to buy a cat proof air mattress, there isn’t such a thing as a cat proof mattress, so make sure it is heavy duty!

memory foam topper

Add Extra layer of protection to create a for your air mattress?

Another idea you could do, is put an added layer of protection on top of your mattress. This is going to take up more space in your car, when you transport it to the campsite. So ideally isn’t a long term fix, but more of a temporary fix.

But you can buy a memory foam mattress topper, that you would normally use on your mattress at home, to add that little bit more comfort. But instead this time, you are going to use for it a layer of protection from your pets. The great thing about memory foam topper is that it can be easily rolled up, and then tied.

The downside to this is, that eventually down to wear and tear, the foam is likely to split. So like I said this is just a short term fix. Need help looking for the best self inflating air mattress for camping check our guide here

Dog training

Even if you do buy an air mattress that’s heavy duty, it is important to have your dog well trained. Obviously this doesn’t happen over night but this is more a long term solution to the problem. The more trained your dog is, the less likely he will jump on the air mattress, if you don’t want him too.

What about if I have cats what can I do?

Cats are very independent animals and this make them almost impossible to train. To be honest, rather than take your cat camping I would recommend you getting a pet sitter. The problem with cats is that if you take them to a new place, you may lose them. They may get lost and not be able to find, there way back to you.

If your just using your air mattress inside your home, then i would definitely recommend getting your self a mattress topper. But still this is going to guarantee anything, cats like to dig there claws into things, they may un intentionally do this to the side of your mattress.

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