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First Time Camping Tips for Your First Ever Camping Trip

First Time Camping Tips

First time camping can be daunting for some, but don’t worry, we have created this guide to help you enjoy your first ever camping trip.

Choose your campsite

It’s important to choose the right campsite for your needs. Do you want a campsite with children allowed? a campsite that allows pets? a campsite that’s close to shops? or local attractions? When choosing your campsite make sure you do your research. Most campsites will have a Google my business profile, make sure to check the reviews of previous campers so you have a good idea of what to expect.

First time camping

Purchase your tent

To go camping you will need a tent, seems pretty obvious lol. We have created a few guides to help you choose the right tent for your needs. Whether it’s a family tent or just a tent for one. Have a look at our buying guides

Choosing the Best family tent

Purchasing sleeping bags

It does tend to get very cold at night while camping, so you will need something to keep you warm while you sleep. Like I’ve said before i actually prefer to take my own blankets or duvets, instead of sleeping bags. Sleeping bags make me feel quite claustrophobic.

Practice pitching your tent

Once you have purchased your tent its a very good idea to practice pitching your tent in your garden. Depending on where in the world you are going to camp, there is a possibility that the weather might not be as you was hoping for. Putting up a tent in awful weather can be stressful enough. But trying to figure out how to put your tent up in awful weather conditions may put you off any future camping trips. So work it out before you go!

Practice Camping

It might be a good idea to practice camp, once you have pitched your tent in your garden. Have a go out camping in the tent over night, I would suggest not using your house for anything but the toilet. This way if your phone runs out of battery, you now know you need to invest in a power source of some sort. your sleeping bag is not as comfortable as you imagined? Look at buying a different one or taken your own blanket/duvet.

Make a list of everything you need

Check outĀ what are things I need to remember when camping to help you make a list. Have a look at our essentials we recommend, there may be other stuff you may want to take, but its always a good idea to create a list.

Plan your meals before you leave

Depending on how you are planning to cook while camping, that’s assuming you are going to cook at all? You may want to pre cook some dinners and put them into a cool bag to keep them cool. Maybe consider precooking meals like pasta, pizza etc. Basically meals you can store in your cool bag and eat chilled.

If you are planning to cook, its still a good idea to at least buy the ingredients before you go camping. Not every camping site or location has shops near by, preplanningĀ  and packing all the meals you need will help with this.

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