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Health Benefits of Camping and Enjoying the Outdoors

Health benefits of camping

So many people across the world choose to go camping and enjoy the countryside. The freedom of just being able to pack up and go spontaneously, and enjoy the adventure. There are many health benefits of camping, we have created a list of the 10 most important benefits you may not even realise.

Health Benefits of Camping

Reduced Stress. Reduced Anxiety

Just by being outside and enjoying nature can help reduce stress and anxiety.  Being outside and grabbing some fresh air can increase feel good hormones hormones, these hormones reduce stress and boost your mood.

Better Sleep

Did you know fresh air actually helps you sleep, it helps you feel more relaxed and tired.

Improved Mental Health. Reduced Depression

Just by taken yourself away on holiday you are improving your mental  health.

Greater Happiness & Improved Mood

Being outdoors and in the fresh air massively increases your mood. The fresh air boosts feel good hormones like serotonin which in turn makes you feel a greater happiness and mood that you wouldn’t by staying in a hotel.

Increased Physical Activity

Just by putting up the tent, you are forcing yourself to do a physical activity. that if you stayed in a hotel, you would not be doing. Most campsites and locations are in the countryside and away from the city centre. By enjoying the countryside and going for a walk, a cycle, a swim in the ocean again you are doing some extra physical activities without even realizing.

Time to Focus

By taking yourself away from your busy lifestyle, your cell phone and just enjoying nature. You are instantly have more time to focus, when we can focus on one thing rather than multiple things it reliefs stress.

Sunshine & Fresh Air

As we are all aware the more sun your skin is exposed to, the browner your skin becomes. This for many can actually boost morale. As well as looking good, the sun provides your body with Vitamin D, which helps keep our muscles and bones healthy.

Eating Healthier

When camping you are taken away the easy to access, fast food element. of normal life. Prepacking before you go camping and putting pre cooked meals into your cool bag as massive health benefits. Check out our list of camping food ideas no cooking here


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