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How to start a fire with a battery – 3 Easy ways to do so!

start a fire with a battery

How to start a fire with a battery

Have you ever gone camping in the wild, wanted to start a campfire. But either not known how to start one or didn’t have the right materials to burn to start the campfire? Well this guide today is going to show how you can start a fire with a battery. its very easy to do and what’s great about this is you don’t need a lighter to achieve it.

In this guide I have written three different methods, so that you can get your campfire burning away and your marshmallows cooked!

Method 1 – Battery (9 volt) and steel wool

All you need is an 9 volt battery and some cotton wool. This is a great way of starting a campfire if you don’t have a lighter. Hopefully you should have some spare batteries with you, or if you have a spare torch, that you can use to take the batteries out of use that. Don’t use the batteries if you don’t have any more or if you only have one torch, these need to spare batteries otherwise you are going to be sitting in the dark

Steel wool can be used as a very good scourer, for your plates, your pots, pans and utensils while washing up. If you do use a steel wool sourer for your washing up, and you do have a bit that’s dry and spare, then we have both parts of this method to create your campfire.

How to start the fire with a battery and steel wool


Method 2 – Battery (9 volt) and Foil wrapper

Another great method if you don’t have any cotton wool in your first aid kit, or you don’t have a first aid kit. Hopefully you have some foil, foil is a great way to cover up your food and keep it preserved. You may have some foil from a chewing gum wrapper that will work.

How to start the fire with a battery and foil


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