How to use a camping stove – How to setup and put it away correctly!

Camping stoves are a great piece of kit, you can take along with you to help you cook your meals. A lot of campsites nowadays don’t allow you to start a campfire, obviously for safety reasons, and they don’t want their grass damaged.

Camping stoves are easy to set up, lightweight, and a great asset to anyone needing to cook, without the use of their kitchen at home.

You can use a camping stove to heat up your water, cook your breakfast, and also cook your lunch and dinner. They are fueled with little propane camping canisters, which are quite cheap to buy, so make sure you buy some extra ones just in case yours runs out. I have created this guide to help you set one up if you are unsure of how.

Read the instructions

All camping stoves are slightly different, but all decent branded camping stoves will come with their own set of instructions. Make sure to have a read of those first.

As well as helping you set the camping stove up, the instructions will also give you a list of all the parts. I always precheck my equipment before I go camping to make sure everything works and understand how my camping stove is also one of those things I check.

If in the box you don’t have all the parts do not continue as it may be dangerous to use. Send it back to where ever you bought it from and exchange it for another one.

How to use a camping stove

Gas Cookers

  1. Start by laying your camping stove on a flat surface
  2. On the top of the stove should be a pan support, that your pans will sit on. Remove the support, and then turn it over, so it’s ready to hold a pan.
  3. On the side of the stove should be a cover which covers the cartridges, open this.
  4. Take the lid of one of your spare gas cartridges, and gently place the cartridge into the gas cartridge slot
  5. Once it’s all in place you can now pull down the stop lever, which will firmly hold the cartridge in place. Always double check it has clicked in correctly, as it can be dangerous if it isn’t in properly.
  6. Your camping stove should have a control knob, turn this knob all the way to the left to light the gas. If it doesn’t work, wait a few seconds and repeat the process until it does light.
  7. Now if you move the control knob to the right slightly, the flame will increase.
  8. Choose your desired flame size

Tip – Always make sure the pans and kettles you are heating up on the stove are the correct sizes. If you choose pans that are too big, the flame from the stove will start to burn downwards and could potentially light the gas cartridge.

  1. When you have finished using the stove, turn the control knob all the way to the off position to turn it off.
  2. Lift up the stop lever so your cartridge is unlocked.
  3. Once your camping stove has cooled down and the flame has completely extinguished, remove the cartridge from the stove.
  4. Place the lid back on top of the gas cartridge and you can now safely pack it away.

Never leave the gas cartridge inside the gas stove, as this is extremely dangerous.


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