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Tesla RV Camping Adaptor Buyers Guide

Tesla RV Camping Adaptor

Why do I need a Tesla RV Camping Adaptor?

Well your Tesla RV runs of electricity, and as you know you need some form of way of charging your RV. With an adaptor you can charge your tesla camper whilst your having fun playing games or watching TV or whatever your doing.

The other benefit of charging your RV whilst camping is that you can also use the power from the battery without worrying if its going to run out. Of course you could potentially just charge your Tesla at the nearest power charger and hope your Tesla has enough power your TV, radio, or charge your phone. But that’s just silly, why take the risk of not having enough power to reach the next charging dock, when you could have just bought an adaptor and hooked it up to the camping hook up?!

Although buying a an adaptor for your RV will charge your vehicle, it wont charge as quick as using a proper charging point. So it will be wise to make sure you have at least 40% charge and your hooked up to the hook with your adaptor before you start watching TV.

So the adaptor, plugs into the hook up and then we use the campsite power instead of the RV’s battery. Meaning you can charge your phone, microwave your dinner, watch tv, whatever you wish to use the electricity for.

What to look for?

Compatibility – First and most important make sure the adaptor you are buying is actually for an RV. There are so many adaptors out there for Tesla vehicles, but not all are compatible with an RV (Double check before you buy!).

Campsite Compatibility – If you tend to go to a favourite campsite more often than not? Double check with the campsite owner, how many amps their hook up outlets has, and if the adaptor you are going to buy supports that amp. Also another thing to check with the campsite is if they actually allow RV charging. Some campsites electrical system cannot handle it. The last thing you want is to cause campsite blackouts, and be the reason why no one on the campsite has power.

Price – obviously we want to buy the cheapest available adaptor we can buy. But you do need to make sure that when choosing your tesla adaptor, that the adaptor provides all of the other things I’ve talked about above. The last thing i want is for you to buy an adaptor and within a week or so its not met your expectations.

Best Tesla RV Camping Adaptor

Tesla Motors 10-30 Nema Adapter Gen 2 for Mobile Connector Black

This great little adaptor is exactly what every Tesla RV owner should be buying, its priced at only $70, and it meets all your needs. You can buy this from Tesla for $90 or buy from amazon for $70

Most campsites have a hook up outlet of around 30 amps. This particular adaptor converts the power from 30 amps to 50 amps to power your 50 amp Tesla RV.

Its a very durable adaptor, we have now used this particular adaptor for almost 4 years.

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