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Best Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping

Best Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping

Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping

We have a trampoline in our garden, its so much fun for me, and the rest of the family. I have two children one boy and one girl, it keeps them entertained for hours (Who could of thought just jumping around could bring so much fun!). Did you know that jumping is a known way to make you feel happier? By jumping or keeping your self active releases natural chemicals in your body, which make you feel more relaxed and content. Give it a go have a jump on your trampoline for a couple of minutes and see how you feel?!

The fun doesn’t have to stop even when its coming close to bedtime. You can actually buy tents that sit on top of your trampoline or fit properly to the sides. I have bought a tent that fits the trampoline, so for my children the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Trampoline Camping

The whole family can sleep beneath the stars and enjoy the view, whilst sleeping on your springy surface. If you have a look on Amazon and search for trampoline tent, you will find multiple different tents to choose from. Just make sure to measure your trampoline and find the right tent that fits your dimensions.

You can find different types of trampoline tents, some that sit right on top of the surface. But this one below in the picture is tied using the attached strings, which are tied to the edge of the trampoline. I prefer this type of tent as this maximises the amount of space inside the tent, as you can see.

Trampoline Camping

As you can see, you can make the inside of the tent as homely as you wish. You can put inflatable furniture inside, rugs, lighting or whatever you want to make the feel of it your own. If you are looking to buy the best camping inflatable couch to add to your trampoline tent have a read here.

Sleeping On a Trampoline

Although sleeping on a trampoline is very comfortable and can actually do damage to your spine and create back pain issues. If you have back pain and are looking to buy the best camping chairs with lumbar support have a look here..

Safety Guide for sleeping on a trampoline

Clean the surface area – Trampolines have a tendency to be dirty, sometimes the trampoline may have had jumpers that didn’t take their shoes off. I would advise everyone to take their shoes off if you are going to sleep on it. But before you sleep make sure the surface area is cleaned.

Cover the base of the surface – Make sure you have all the sleeping materials you need to stay warm. I would advise you place a blanket on the base or maybe a duvet, between you and the floor there is nothing more than the trampolines surface. All the cold from beneath you will feel unless your cover the surface area up. Using the thickest material you have will keep you as warm as possible.

Sleeping Comfort and Warmth – You will need pillows, another duvet or sleeping bag to keep you comfortable and warm! Its very important to sleep on a pillow whilst sleeping on a trampoline or even your bed for that matter. Pillows are designed to keep your neck and spine aligned. Sleeping without a pillow can cause issues to your neck and spine. If anyone has ever suffered from neck or back pain, then you will know this is something to avoid!

As well as covering your surface area with a duvet, you will need another to cover you up. Of course you could sleep with your clothes on, but having a duvet to cover you up is so much more comfortable.

Bring some snacks – Not really part of the safety guide, but still we need to some snacks to enjoy the experience don’t we?! Maybe bring out some cards, or a radio to help with the entertainment!

Well hopefully you have enjoyed my post on Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping and from it you and the family can have a fun experience too

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