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Using Moving Blankets for Your Tent Floor! 4 Reasons Why you should!

Using Moving Blankets for Your Tent Floor

Is Using Moving Blankets for your Tent Floor a Good Idea?

I read a post on Reddit a couple of months ago, and there was a guy who decided to use moving mats for his tent floor instead of buying ready made tent flooring. I literally thought, that actually seems like a good idea, I’m going to¬† through the pros and cons to that in a minute and you can decide for yourself.

Why do you need to cover the tent floor?

Cleaning : Firstly by covering you tent floor you will protect the base of the tent from getting dirty and making it so much easier to keep clean. Depending on what you are using as the tent floor cover, you can either stick the tent floor cover in a washing machine or just throw it away!

Warmth : Although yes tents can be absolutely roasting hot during the day in the sun, at night it can be quite the opposite. By putting a tent floor cover underneath your sleeping mat or inflatable mattress, you can keep the heat in. Have a look at our guide here to find out the best inflatable camping mats here

Protection : Using tent floor covers to cover your tent floor, just gives your tent that extra bit of protection. Just like with anything you use the more you use it, the more likely it is to be worn by general wear and tear. Bigger families might have children running around inside the tent, just give your tent floor a layer of protection by adding a tent floor cover.

Comfort : Generally the tent floor of tents is paper thin, so its almost like you are walking on the floor. By adding a padding to your tent floor it gives your tent that luxury carpet feeling you may have at home.

moving blankets as tent floor

Yes you can go out and buy tent floor covers, but if your looking for a cheaper way to insulate your tent floor. Then maybe you should have a look at using moving blankets, read below and we will tell you why!

Moving Blankets for Tent Floor!

Using moving blankets as your tent floor cater for all of the above. They are very easy to clean, once they have been used just stick them in your washing machine and they are ready to reuse.

They give your tent that added extra layer of warmth from the ground up. Moving mats are quite soft to walk on so you get that added comfort on your feet. Not only that they are very cheap to buy. You can get some moving mats on amazon for as cheap as $10, but buying actual tent flooring covers can cost up to $100

All you need to do is overlap your moving mats so it fits your particular tent. Moving mats come in all different sizes but these ones in particular are 200cm x 150cm. Which is big enough for a one man tent and maybe even a two man tent. Its also a pack of two so like i said you can either overlap the blankets for bigger tents or use both for extra padding.


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