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What is the golden rule in camping?

There are so many people across the world that enjoy the freedom of camping. That feeling of just being able to pack up, get in your car and go almost anywhere within reason of course lol. Being able to relax under the stars and truly experience nature, this feeling is why so many people love camping.

golden rule in camping

What is the golden rule in camping?

The golden rule in camping is to clear up what you brought or to follow the Leave no trace motto! An even better way to look at it is to make the space you’re staying in, tidier and cleaner than it was before you arrived. So you may have also heard the motto “leave it better than you found it,”  which is exactly my point.

No one wants to camp on a messy camp pitch, campsite, or see the natural wilderness covered in rubbish from previous campers. It not only hurts your eyes to look at, but can hurt the wildlife, that lives there 24/7. If someone came to your house and left a mess, how would this make you feel? This is exactly what we are doing when we litter the earth, its the wildlife’s home too and we should respect that. If your unsure about your campsite rules check our guide here, for general rules to stick too.

Whatever you use, clean it up, or throw it in the bin, and if you any rubbish near buy tidy that up too. Whether that’s a disposable BBQ or empty crisp packets make sure we clean it up. That also include any broken equipment you may have had break on your trip, make sure you dispose of it properly. If you need help choosing the best camping chair for bad backs check our guide here.

I would advise all campers to pack bin bags or something to throw your rubbish into, not every campsite has bin you can put this in. Some may prefer not to even go to a campsite and camp in the wilderness. This is more of a reason to pack bin bags. If you need a helping hand remembering what to pack make sure to have a loot are camping essentials post


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