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What to do if you see a bobcat

what to do if you see a bobcat

One of my favourite reasons to go camping, is to take in the great views of the surrounding hills, mountains or wildlife. Of course depending on where you choose to go camping, you may encounter some wild animals, like potentially bobcats. The main focus on this article is understand what to do if you see a bobcat.

Hopefully you wont ever encounter this, and most wild animals you may encounter will be of course very safe to be around, and are safe to watch from a distance. But there are some that are not so safe to be around, this could be for numerous reasons.


Almost all the best cats in the world, are very intimidating predators. There are approximately 40,000 bobcats spread around the USA, so the chances of you seeing one is unlikely but still definitely possible.  What should you do if you see a bobcat?



In the article below, I’m going to give you some advice, so that if you ever to have an encounter with a bobcat, you will know exactly what to do. Hopefully your not now just reading this on your phone with a bobcat in front of you.

So what exactly is a bobcat?

A bobcat is a about the same size as a dog, and its about twice the size of your general home cat. Talking of canines, someone asked me a question about coyotes and said can coyotes climb fences have a look at this post if your interested.

You will generally find bobcats in North America, but you may come across one all over the USA. In fact anywhere in between South Mexico all the ay up to Southern Canada.

This is what to do if you do see a Bobcat

  • What to do if you see a Bobcat?
  • Keep calm, I know its going to be more difficult in reality than it its in theory
  • Do Not approach the Bobcat
  • Keep your distance
  • To the the Bobcat your are potentially an unwanted guest in its home and not the other way around
  • Do not evert turn your back to the Bobcat
  • Make sure to face the bobcat at all times, slowly walk backwards away from the bobcat to make a bigger space between you both
  • Never run, you may encourage the bobcat to chase you. I know is very difficult, but just don’t!
  • If possible try to create a really loud noise, and try and scare the bobcat. If you have any pot and pans to bang together use them. If you have a whistle blow that, literally anything that can make the loudest noise you can create
  • Just like household cats, wild cats do not like water. If you have any water near you, spray the cat, maybe you have a bottle of water you can spray the cat from a distance
  • If the cat is in an area with potentially more people, once safe call animal control, even if you only see the cat from a distance

Are Bobcats Dangerous?

Like i said before the chances of you actually seeing a bobcat are very unlikely. but on the odd occasion that you do encounter one, Remember that they are actually quite shy animals and don’t like being around people. Generally speaking an attack from a bobcat is even more unlikely to happen, the only reason they may attack you is if they are protecting their cubs or they maybe sick.

If you do encounter a bobcat and you have pets close by, they may decide to attack them. Bobcats will generally attack easier prey, prey they decide is inferior to them most likely smaller than they are.

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